Interview with Chrystal Shea

I know, I know, maybe you’re a bit shy…. Afraid or nervous to pick up the phone and have us plan an amazing event for you so don’t worry, we’ll make it a bit easier and break the ice first. After reading this interview with Chrystal Shea CEO and Event designer of StarShea Events, the ice blocking us from planning your next amazing event should be broken.


Chrystal tell us how you became a part of StarShea Events, your role, and your responsibilities?

I became a part of StarShea Events after a good friend of mine (Starcresent) invited me to our neighborhood Stabucks because she wanted to talk to me. She began to discuss her love for weddings and how she wanted to become a wedding/event planner. She knew my love for art and my organizational skillset, and my excitement for decorating and creating decorations.  She offered me a partnership and I couldn’t say no!

My role in StarShea Events is CEO and event designer. Not only do I set up the event the day of, I spend months creating perfect décor for our clients.

My responsibilities consist of (in pertaining to weddings) preparing the groomsmen for day of, floral arrangements, and where ever and whenever Star needs me to jump in and of course I decorate.

Why would someone contract StarShea Events over any other event planning company?

StarShea events isn’t only your event planners, we build a relationship with all of clients. We listen, we advise, we do everything in our power to make your special day unforgettable from start to finish. We are your stress reliever, your dream chaser, and your biggest fan.

Describe your team members from your perspective and why you all make a great team.

Starcresent is the face of the company. She’s the leader. If you need to turn a standard hotel room into a master suite with no upcharge, she’s your girl.  Alexia is a problem solver, Sometime before everyone sees eye to eye Alexia is the first one to get us there.

Chrystal Shea enjoys the behind the scenes work. She turns lemons into lemonade.

We make a great team because we are so alike yet so different at the same time. We all have so many great ideas that we bring to life. No challenge is big enough. We know each other’s flaws, weaknesses and strengths. We’re able to work with them and most importantly we understand each other without speaking.

What has been the biggest challenge is starting StarShea Evens?

The biggest challenge is finding a balance point with rates. You don’t want to over charge but you also cannot undercharge. We work very hard with what we do, we spend over 40 hours a week and on the weekends making sure everything is perfect. Late nights/ early morning of planning and creation. For this reason we customize every quote for each and every different client, and so far it has worked very well for us. But definitely starting out was a balancing act.

If you had to write a brief message to StarShea Events to be read 5 years from now, what would it say?

I told you StarShea Events was the future…Cheers to empowering women.

What would be your advice to other entrepreneurs’ or dream chases out there?

Do not ever sell yourself short, reach for the stars and don’t quit.


We hope to get to know you all very well and create the magic you have always dreamt and if the ice isn’t broken, we can start with an email


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