Terrence & Lizbeth Review

Preparing for your wedding is a huge time commitment and all the little details that needs to be covered can be quite overwhelming nonetheless, you should be able to enjoy the planning process and StarShea Events ensured that I did. My spouse and I are both military stationed separately overseas. StarShea Events were reliable and flexible with our needs and were able to communicate effectively with us regardless of the substantial time difference.

By me not being able to be physically present, Star was my middle man. I already had a venue set, but she made it her priority to keep in contact with the coordinator and personally met up with them when I was unable to do so. She set up telephonic meetings, reviewed all the sticky details of contracts with the vendors, found the perfect photographer, and executed my vision for my wedding and made it ten times better. On the day of, Star was able to upgrade my hotel room to a suite (free of charge!) and if that isn’t enough… at the end of the night when my groom and I made it back to our room, she set the mood for us by surprising us and decorating it with rose pedals.

Crystal’s specialty on crafts and budgeting was spot on. The decorations and color scheme was beautiful and I would have never been able to accomplish that myself. Flowers are so expensive and we were running low on the funds to decorate the arch but thankfully, Crystal innovatively turned artificial flowers and plain fabric to something magical.

Alexia, the newest member of their team, joined in a bit later. On the day of the wedding she stayed with me throughout the whole preparation process. I didn’t have to stress about anything, she had lunch brought to me and a glass of champagne for me set. She was in charge of the makeup artist and made sure everyone was ready on time.

These ladies were a huge asset from start to finish. I can honestly say they were responsible for the best night of my life. Thank you so much.


Photography by Maria MorL+T_Ceremony_HR-47_WEB

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