Health: What good are you?

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In the words of many of the wise women I have had the honor of meeting, “don’t get so busy taking care of everyone else you forget to take care of yourself.” A concept that is much easier said than done, thankfully having the wise words echo in my mind, when I saw an opportune moment to put that quote in affect, it was like a light bulb going off.
The bride of the evening we continued to remind her to relax and enjoy her day, eat a meal, drink water, stay hydrated, the list goes on. Meanwhile five hours later Chrystal and I are sliding down the hallway slowly losing energy because guess who worked so hard they forgot to eat a meal, drink water, stay hydrate.
The joke was 100% on us!
Luckily for a quick tuna snack salad and an Arbonne Fizz stick our energy was revived but in our after event review of our performance (something we do to always elevate and improve ourselves) we both noted how silly it was we forgot to take care of ourselves. If the wedding planner passes out from hunger and dehydration what good are we to the wedding? What good are we or our company? Even if we made a million dollars on that wedding if we have to turn around and spend it on medical bills, what good is that? From this moment we decided our mental and physical health was not only a priority but a requirement in order for any event to be successful!
This brings us to how Health: What good are you? Became a part of our companies foundation, so you will hear this expression a lot throughout our blog and social media post. No one is perfect and being that we all have our hands full we try to set certain daily task to achieve in order to answer the question: What good are you? Now let’s be realistic with ourselves we don’t want to bite off more than we can chew, and we want to feel like we accomplish something so once this challenge becomes simple, then we adjust our challenge accordingly.
We wear our highest heels 30 minutes a day in a daily activity that is challenging.
o Have you ever tried organizing a bridal party running back and forth between the opposite doors or running from a venue to a hotel searching for something that was misplaced or forgotten? No? Well let me tell you, it’s a quick reality check for those of you that thought you were in shape. With that being said this week I wore my heels while doing house hold laundry, a challenge but a reminder to get my body prepared for the unexpected.
We are enrolled in an opportunity to master meditation.
o You’ll have to stay tuned for this one! For now we are demanding control of our time. For instance sometime I drive home or to work with my phone on silence and my radio off or sit silently in a bubble bath and journal. I can honestly tell you I have created amazing visions, or had brilliant ideas pop into my mind because the silence allows that.

We hit the gym.
o Now I will be 100% honest this one is still a challenge for us with our crazy schedules but it’s something we strive for, if we only have 30 minutes and a quick elliptical run is all we can do, then we will put our all into that.

• We use our planners.
o It may be a bit old fashioned to all of our gadget using peers, but there is something so real in “penciling something or someone in”. I personally have great memory and even with that (let’s be real), things can still get lost in the sauce but my magical planner keeps me committed and on the right track.
• We Set Quarterly or Season goals.
o As I mentioned above, there is something magical in writing things down, it’s almost like once the pen hits the paper the wish or dream turns one step closer into reality. We will address more about why we set our goals this way later on in our blog but we were definitely inspired by a podcast!
• We Say NO!
o Listen here! When you learn the power of no, you become a whole new person.
o As we mentioned we set goals and if our actions do not line up to our goals what are we doing? So many times we stretch ourselves thin saying maybe and yes and I’ll be there to things that aren’t beneficial or you aren’t truly interested in. Now please do not take this wrong we are found believers in trying new things so don’t limit yourself on that.
o If you don’t want to do it then say NO! It’s ok we give you permission!

Share with us some tricks you and your company use to help improve your success and remind you that health is wealth. What did you do this week to help you answer the question “What good are you?” We would love to know!

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